Cassandra Conspiracy

When reluctant hero, Steve Payton, receives an encrypted email by accident he ends up losing sleep. But not as much sleep as when he decides to investigate further.

Soon Payton and Janet Phillips, a cryptographic specialist he enlists for help, realize that nothing is, as it seems. The email is setting up someone for a “hit”; Janet and Steve are plunged unwittingly into a quagmire of betrayal, political intrigue and assassination.

Payton and Janet desperately attempt to piece the puzzle together. To do so they have to try to figure out who’s important enough to have a five million dollar bounty on his head, and then can they defuse the crisis that’s facing the nation before it’s too late.

All the while, The Committee is playing their ruthless and deadly power game to have their target eliminated. And in doing so, The Committee will effect a change at the highest levels of government. What can go wrong: they have a pair of ready-made patsies.

From a Special Forces team in Viet Nam to Washington and the highest reaches of the U.S. government, The Cassandra Conspiracy tells the story of betrayal.

-A betrayal of the Special Forces team caught behind the lines in Viet Nam,

-A betrayal of friendships spanning over twenty-five years,

-A betrayal amongst The Committee,

-And finally, the ultimate betrayal.


The Prologue is available for your review.

(The Cassandra Conspiracy consists of approximately 450 pages.)

Cassandra Conspiracy


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