Paladin Deception

The Paladin Deception – Fall Release.

David Cahill has a favorite pastime: he likes to hack into various computer systems if for nothing else than to “test” his target’s security. Cahill loves the thrill of matching his wits against an unseen so-called “expert”.

He has beaten more systems than you can count. And what’s more he’s never been caught. However his world came crashing down around him and his pretty wife, Laura, when the FBI raided his house one dark night.

Having been tried and found guilty, Cahill is staring at untold number of years making federal license plates. That is unless he accepts the job offered by the Paladin Group, a super-secret element of the National Security Agency.

Cahill has no desire to work for the U. S. government, much less the notorious NSA. But he has no choice: it’s either throw his hat into the ring and take the position, or plan on seeing Laura during conjugal visits. Cahill knows what he has to do if he wants to avoid prison. It just a matter of doing it.

Assigned to work under the leadership of Robyn Peterson, Cahill is tasked to be a member of the Black Hat team. The Black Hat team challenges the security of “target” computer systems by writing programs to penetrate the system defended by Paladin’s White Hat group.

Cahill soon senses trouble. His suspicions come to life when a co-worker/friend is first incarcerated and then killed while in prison. And then one night, Laura disappeared only to be returned home with a warning: “Stay on the straight and narrow, Cahill, or something a lot worse will befall you.”

Except for Robyn Peterson, Cahill is totally alone. He can’t turn to the NSA or the FBI for help. Cahill has no choice but to deal with the Paladin Group the only way that he knows how-hack his way into their mammoth Cray computer system.

Pursued by the Paladin Group’s security team, Cahill and Robyn literally run for their lives. All the while, they try to get past the Paladin Group’s road blocks to penetrating the computers.

And the Paladin Group’s computer system is well protected…very well protected. The Paladin Group has literally planned its defenses against virtually every method of penetrating their system-both hardware and software.

Not willing to rely on simple password protection schemes, the Paladin Group has a myriad of systems to keep anyone without high-level access out. With their card reader and retina comparison systems, which have never been compromised, the Paladin Group’s directors sleep well each night. They have thought of every thing.

Or have they?

Paladin Deception


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